Balboa Manufacturing is situated in the heart of San Diego and was founded in 1998 with the goal of designing and manufacturing products for specialized markets. Balboa Manufacturing has currently built the following brands: ZANheadgear®, Bobster®, and RAM Instrument®. These brands are recognized in the motorcycle, powersports, outdoor, military, and safety markets.  

Bobster® specializes in the design of performance eyewear suitable for active and extreme activities. Bobster® offers eyewear easily customizable to suit constantly changing environments and user requirements.
ZANheadgear® is a global leader in the industry with over 600 Flydanna® headwrap designs and provides a product range that includes All Weather, Cold Weather, Face Masks, and several other head, neck, and face products.
RAM Instrument® is a growing brand providing functional products for our active, adventurous consumers. The range includes watches, flashlights, and safety products.
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