Another Rave Review
Nothing better!
Have never had any better riding goggles. Thanks Bobster!… PS: A lot of people ask me about my goggles, I send them to

Reviewer: Bear Newman from Kissimmee, Florida

Balboa Manufacturing’s services include:
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) — Balboa manufactures quality products that meet the demands of its customers and has the ability to manufacture and/or source other products that are not currently available through our existing brands of ZANheadhear®, Bobster®, and RAM Instrument®. If you have a product that you are seeking a reliable manufacturer for, please contact us.

  • Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) — As an ODM, Balboa has the ability to design original art for our existing product range. The art would be designed by our in-house artists and would be unique to the customer purchasing the products.

  • Private Label — If you are you interested in our products and want your brand on it, Balboa Manufacturing can place your logo on any of our existing products. The brand identification can be incorporated in the product, on the packaging, through sew-in labels or hang-tags. Balboa can also put your custom designs on any of our exiting products.

  • Drop Ship — Balboa Manufacturing offers the option to drop ship directly to your customers. Save the time and money by shipping products directly to your customers….let Balboa Manufacturing do the work for you! A few key features are listed below:

    1. Same day shipping if ordered by 12pm PST
    2. Receive wholesale pricing on wholesale and drop ship orders
    3. Your customer only gets a packing slip, which can be customized with your company logo
    4. Make the sale without stocking the item, use our inventory instead!
    5. Pay with credit card or with 30 Day terms (O.A.C.)
    6. Place your drop ship orders online at any time of the day or post your orders in batches on your FTP site or ours!
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